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Philips Hue

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October 2012 - August 2018

Philips Hue, initially introduced in 2012, is a line of color changing LED lightbulbs and accessories created by Dutch company Philips. The line utilizes the Hue Bridge in order to facilitate control over LED lights and accessories. Control can be wielded directly from the Philips Hue app, or via systems like Apple’s HomeKit. HomeKit compatibility allows users to control Philips Hue lighting directly from Control Center, from the Home app, and from Siri.

Philips Hue Stories August 10

Philips seems to be aiming to move on from just selling bulbs to go into other people’s lights to selling you entire light fixtures.

Two of the new Hue products were already leaked – a bathroom mirror and an outdoor lightstrip – but the company kept the rest under wraps until today …

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Philips Hue Stories July 27

Philips is further expanding its Hue smart lighting lineup. Today, the listing for the company’s Adore bathroom lighted mirror has shown up on the company’s website.

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Philips Hue Stories July 23

Philips announced a new outdoor lineup of Hue lights this past spring that consists of spot lights, bollard lights, and luminaries. Now the company is expanding its offerings, unveiling an outdoor version of its popular LED LightStrip.

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Philips Hue Stories May 31

First announced back at CES in January, Philips is releasing its new Philips Hue Sync app for both Mac and PC today. The new macOS utility lets you sync Hue smart light colors and effects to games, video, and music playing from Mac.

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Philips Hue Stories May 29

We learned earlier this month that Philips was working on a major update to its Hue app for its smart home lighting system, and the new version has just hit the iOS App Store.

The 3.0 app update is the biggest update to the Hue app since the original release of the 2.0 version. We’ve tried to make it more intuitive and enjoyable for everyday use. Some changes you might hardly notice, while others are hard to miss …

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Philips Hue Stories May 8

Philips is releasing a major new version of its iOS app this month that gives the smart lighting controller an updated look while restoring some missing features. The new version includes 30 new lighting scenes and brings back a feature that lets you turn photos into lighting scenes.

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