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October 2012 - July 2021

Philips Hue, initially introduced in 2012, is a line of color changing LED lightbulbs and accessories created by Dutch company Philips. The line utilizes the Hue Bridge in order to facilitate control over LED lights and accessories. Control can be wielded directly from the Philips Hue app, or via systems like Apple’s HomeKit. HomeKit compatibility allows users to control Philips Hue lighting directly from Control Center, from the Home app, and from Siri.

Philips Hue Stories July 1

New Philips Hue bulbs are expected to launch around September. They will be brighter, offer new options, and likely will be part of the new project MATTER, which must be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa Smart Home, Apple’s HomeKit, and Google’s Weave protocols.

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Philips Hue Stories June 3

The Philips Hue app has been redesigned from scratch, greatly simplifying things like renaming lamps and moving them between rooms. Things that once required delving into the settings, sometimes two different places in Settings, can now be done right from the main screen.

The company says that there is more to come later in the year, including Dynamic Scenes, where the colors change gradually over time …

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Philips Hue Stories February 25

An upcoming Belkin HomeKit remote control to be known as the Wemo Stage has been discovered through FCC documents. Like the Philips Hue dimmer, there are several buttons that can be used to activate different devices and scenes, and it can either be used as a mobile remote or attached to a wall-plate.

The documents include photos that show a small white unit with three buttons…

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Philips Hue Stories January 14

An upcoming Philips Hue physical wall switch module will solve one of the biggest problems experienced by smart home fans who share a home with less techy people: If someone uses the physical wall switch to turn off a light, it can no longer be app- or Siri-controlled.

The smarts for controlling Hue bulbs are in the bulb itself – and they require mains power to receive and respond to app or Siri commands. That means if someone physically switches off the light, it’s no longer reachable until you physically switch it back on …

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Philips Hue Stories December 21, 2020

A pair of new Philips Hue products have leaked today, providing a glimpse at what the smart home company has in store for early 2021. As reported by Hueblog, Philips Hue will release a new Wave Linear outdoor lighting accessory in spring of 2021, as well as redesigned Smart Dimmer.

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Philips Hue Stories December 11, 2020

Some HomeKit projects are about convenience, some are about security, and others are just for fun. The Philips Hue Play lights certainly fit in the last category of HomeKit products.

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