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Nintendo has started bringing its titles to iOS with Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Animal Crossing. There is speculation that the company may be working on bringing The Legend of Zelda to iOS as well.

Nintendo was founded in 1889 and originally made playing cards. Now the company is famous for its iconic titles like Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend of Zelda.

The company’s latest console is the Nintendo Switch, which has received positive reviews. The company is also now more focused on bringing its titles to mobile operating systems like iOS and Android.

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Nintendo’s Switch Online companion app is now available for iOS

As an avid user of the Nintendo Switch, one of its few sore points has been the lack of improved online functionality. Playing games is one thing, but being able to chat with your teammates adds a lot to the experience. Today, Nintendo has finally released its Nintendo Switch Online companion app for iOS devices.

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‘Nintendo Switch Online’ iOS app w/ invites & voice chat drops July 21 alongside Splatoon 2

Nintendo will launch a new “Nintendo Switch Online” companion app for its latest console that will arrive on July 21 alongside the release of its new Splatoon 2 game.

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A report suggests that Nintendo is being forced to limit its sales targets for the Switch game console due to component shortages in part created by Apple …

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Pokémon fans have long been waiting for an official game to make its way to the App Store. Last week seemingly out of nowhere, the company announced it would be releasing a new game, titled Magikarp Jump. Having been released in select countries earlier this week, it is available now in the US and rest of the world.

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

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The Pokémon Company’s phenomenal success with Pokémon Go certainly seems like the trigger that made Nintendo take the mobile market seriously. It launched Super Mario Run late last year, debuted Fire Emblem: Heroes in January, and has announced plans to bring other flagship franchises to iPhone later this year.

Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nintendo is developing a Legend of Zelda game for iPhone, jumping off the Nintendo Switch’s success with Breath of the Wild.

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Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes arrives today on iPhone & iPad as expected

Nintendo’s latest mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes has today hit the iOS App Store as expected. As with Super Mario Run, it’s a freemium game, but in theory at least you can unlock all the features for free through game play.

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