ProtonMail Stories May 25

ProtonMail has a new name and deeper integration with VPN, calendar, and drive features

ProtonMail, the world’s largest encrypted email service and popular iOS Mail app, has rebranded itself as Proton. In this rebrand, the company is bringing together ProtonMail with its other services, Proton VPN, Proton Calendar, and Proton Drive. While there aren’t major upgrades to the mail service, this integration will be the world’s first privacy-by-default ecosystem.

ProtonMail Stories April 8

ProtonMail acquires email alias startup SimpleLogin

As reported by TechCrunch, ProtonMail, an E2E encrypted webmail service, has bought SimpleLogin. The France-based startup offers an open-source service for creating email aliases for users to hide their email addresses when utilizing digital services.

ProtonMail Stories March 24, 2021

Proton Technologies founder Andy Yen has written an open letter today that claims Apple is standing “in the way of human rights.” The core issue is Apple not approving a ProtonVPN iOS app update that comes amid the turmoil in Myanmar.

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ProtonMail Stories December 6, 2017

After months of beta testing, ProtonMail has unveiled official support for their encrypted mail service within email clients Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Mozilla Thunderbird. The support comes by way of a custom application that connects mail clients securely with a user’s ProtonMail account. Paying users can download ProtonMail Bridge today to get started.

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ProtonMail Stories May 4, 2016

ProtonMail secure email app now lets you use Touch ID to decrypt PGP messages

ProtonMail, the iOS app that makes using PGP email a near-seamless experience, has now made itself even easier to use. Instead of having to use both your login and mailbox passwords, you can now use Touch ID to unlock encrypted mail. The app also offers support for password managers.

ProtonMail Stories March 17, 2016

Proton Mail

ProtonMail has announced the official launch of their mobile apps for iOS and Android today. ProtonMail brings seamless PGP end-to-end encryption to emailing, making it significantly more secure for those looking for an extra layer of privacy.

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