iMazing Stories August 4, 2021

You may have heard about Pegasus, which is a spyware created by the NSO group based on zero-day vulnerabilities to collect data from smartphones without user consent. Now iMazing has updated its app to include a new tool that can easily detect Pegasus spyware on iPhone.

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iMazing Stories December 15, 2020

iMazing is a popular tool that lets users manage and back up all the content from an iPhone or iPad without using iTunes or Finder. The app was updated today with some great new features, including support for the new Apple ProRAW photo format and a native version for Macs with M1 chip.

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iMazing Stories April 3, 2020

iMazing, the popular tool that consumers use to back up data from their iOS devices that Apple doesn’t support, has released two new tools for Apple IT administrators: iMazing Configurator and iMazing Profile Editor. These new tools will be handy for system administrators to keep around when configuring iOS devices in bulk. expand full story

iMazing Stories May 12, 2015


When Apple was designing the Mac app iDVD, then-CEO Steve Jobs directed his development team to build a dead-simple DVD-burning application: instead of a mess of options and windows, Jobs wanted one window with one button marked “Burn,” which would be pressed once the desired video file was dragged-and-dropped into the window. Years later, when Jobs wanted Apple’s iOS devices to be even simpler, he dumped the Mac’s windows and drag-and-drop file system in favor of a grid of icons. There wasn’t even a trash can to worry about — instead, iOS would automatically discard unused files as needed.

While that’s great in theory, the reality is that iOS actually leaves bits of trash sitting around on your device, and there’s no easy way to clean everything up at once. iTunes aggregates various types of lingering files as “Other,” but doesn’t have a trash can, nor does it provide direct access to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch file system so you can purge trash on your own. Consequently, your device may be holding a large collection of junk that could be dumped to free up gigabytes of space.

Below, I’ll show you how to clean your iOS device for free using two apps, one of which you definitely already have installed…

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