How the iPad Air replaced my laptop

I have been using my iPad for roughly an year now and the way it has pulled me away from my laptop is absolutely amazing. Being an Apple fanatic, I fell in love with the iPad Air the moment they unveiled it at the keynote. I have now come at an stage where I mostly use my laptop to sync stuff from iTunes and play Age of Empires(nothing can replace the good old multiplayer action). With the right apps and battery management you can turn your iPad into a productive work station.

iPad Lappy

Studying I don’t note down all the things in class and one of the topper is considerate enough to give her notes regularly for me to click snaps. And reading from the large screen feels just like reading from a notebook. Turning pages with a swipe and zooming in and out is flawless without the hassle of a trackpad and keyboard. I copy all the PDFs and presentations and the Air becomes a private teacher. I can just swipe across with four fingers and land in safari to search for definitions and information. Knowledge feels to be locally available when i’m studying on my iPad.

Working Not a lot of work takes place on my desk but whatever goes on, goes on well on the large real estate of the iPad. The frequent writing and editing in the Notes and Pages app is easy and quick. Making keynote presentations(which is not so frequent) is actually a fun thing to do. I’m writing this article for the last 10 minutes and it feels like scribbling my ideas on a paper, so simple and easy. Making PDFs, mailing, setting reminders are all available at a touch of your fingertip.

Movies and games No one likes keeping a heavy laptop on their chest while they lie flat on the bed to watch a movie. Holding the lightest tab in your hand while you lie in any position? Doable! The best thing about this is, I never needed a third party app for playing my videos on the iPad. The App store offers a plethora of games. Whether you are into RPGs or quick fix games, you are in for a treat with all the games being added. Contradictory to popular belief, a lot of apps and games are available for free and if you keep an eye for discounts on apps then you might get the costliest ones for very less(even free). I got Infinity Blade 2 for free. Get App of the day and subscribe to any app magazine for regular updates on price drops.

Socializing on the net seems elegantly different in the iOS environment. There is a significant difference between Facebook experience on Windows, Android and iOS(no prizes for guessing the best one). Install the Wikipedia app and Flipboard app for some quality infotainment. For random pictorial ideas Adobe Ideas is a good app. I have made some impressive graphics for a research paper in the Pages app as well. Image editing does not require anything more than iPhoto but for the experts Snapseed and Adobe Photoshop apps are just the right things.

There is, infact a separate section in App Store for image editing apps. Storage seems a deal breaker but Dropbox and iCloud are good cloud services. I mostly use my iPad for writing and the occasional movies and games, I have never felt the need to have extra space. Pro tip: Don’t use the iPad as a storage device. Its good at getting work done, not at storage.

…and portability, yes take it anywhere.

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