With tap, you can unlock your Mac with multi-touch and pattern. What you inputted in trackpad like count of fingers or pattern will be a character of password. It will save your time and give you convenience.


We’re a start-up company formed with high school students, and we’re called ‘Pabix’. We’ve developed an app called ‘Tap’ for an year, which helps Mac computers to be unlocked in a new way—pattern and multi touch. It is our first project, and now it’s on funding to pledge $5000 for 45 days.

Lots of students contributed to develop this app and thanks to them, now Tap is providing a completely new way to unlock Mac. Being student, we had a hard time while developing, and kicking a fund on Kickstarter was also hard, but we finally released Tap.

Please help us do a successful start with Tap.

Thank you.

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