Elgato releases non-Apple Thunderbolt cable


Elgato entered the Thunderbolt space today with its own flavor of the tech aptly called “Elgato’s Thunderbolt Cable.”

Thunderbolt is an interface connector that pushes data between computers and peripherals at high speeds. Apple first launched its $49 trademarked-cable last June, but alternate choices have been few and far between ever since.

At $60 a pop, Elgato’s follow-up to the March release of Thunderbolt SSD is more expensive. The cable is also much shorter at just 1.6-foot compared to Apple’s 2-meter offering.

It is black, too.

The new cable will likely come down below Apple’s price once supply catches up with demand.

Fortunately, Elgato is giving a free Thunderbolt Cable included with every purchase of the Elgato Thunderbolt SSD completed through its Elgato Online Shop until May 6. Just redeem the discount code: “FREE-THUNDERBOLT-CABLE.” Amazon-lovers can also buy the cable for $59.95 USD (here), but shipping times are currently between two to three weeks.