The micro-suction dock that appears to defy gravity [Review]

This morning, I received what appears to be magic in a box. Bracketron’s NanoTek Stand uses micro-suction technology to stick to flat surfaces and hold iPhones and iPad minis without a ledge or any magnets. This device was originally a Kickstarter project called the “SETA Smartphone Stand” and now Bracketron has partnered with SETA to offer the product to the masses.

From the Kickstarter project:

How It Works. SETA incorporates NanoSuction™ technology that synthetically emulates the adhesive qualities of gecko feet. Your phone magically clings to the NanoSuction™ SETA pad while another pad on the base secures the stand to most flat, non-porous surfaces.

When I put my iPhone or iPad mini on the dock, it feels like a tiny vacuum holds it in place. Swiping left to right or scrolling through webpages does not move the phone or the dock at all, but when you want to take your device off, it just takes a simple pull or tug to the left or right. The micro-suction leaves no residue or stickiness on the device.

At first, the small size made it seem like the dock would only work with small phones like the iPhone. However, it has no problem holding up my iPad mini in the landscape or portrait position.

The angle is great for Facetime calls, sending snapchats, texting, or watching videos. Unlike some other docks that closely resemble the design, the NanoTek Stand does not use gravity as a factor (the angle is there just to make it easier to see) and the footprint is extremely small. In addition, there is a slot for a 30-pin or lightning connector.

Bracketron’s NanoTek Stand can be found on for just $27.99 with free shipping. The durable construction and amazing technology makes it a steal at that price. In addition, the small size means you could fit both your iPad mini and iPhone on your desk, each with their own stand.