Hi GuysKinda new here…

I am a PC guy but want to start my adventure with 15 inch rMBP.

I nearly bought 2.0/16GB/256GB but then I came across an article which highlighted some serious hardware problems that the Early2013 had namely: -display panels burn in/ghosting (LG panel)/yellow tint(Samsung panel) -fan issues (random activation, speeding and so on) -graphics problems (freezing, crashing) -battery life problems

I must say I was stunned how a machine which starts at $2000 can have so many problems. I was originally thinking of buying high spec 15 inch one but I am really interested in Broadwell and it’s fanless design (I hate fans) with possibly Beats speakers (at last some good quality speakers), maybe display bumped up to full 4K and new trackpad (what are your bets guys?). It turns out it is not coming out for like a year now so decided on lowest spec 15 inch (maybe apart from adding 16GB) in the meantime end maybe change in one year time when the Broadwell is out on rMBPs and turns out to be a big innovation.

So the question is: Do you know if the Late2013 (released in October 2013) has the same problems? Did Apple change panels while doing this refresh? Did they solve other hardware problems mentioned above? Where can I look for info on that please? I am really eager to research this matter and have no problem on spending time on it. I am not looking to buy Early2013 model of course BUT if Late2013 has the same issues then…sorry Apple but I am not forking out $2k on a laptop which is not TOP QUALITY. Ah yeah, and there is the Haswell refresh, which is going to be announced very shortly (tomorrow?). I don’t care that much for CPU speed bump but 16GB in the base model is very welcome as I wanted that anyway. In my mind if this seems to be a very minor refresh then internal architecture and components will be very similar, if not the same, to the Late2013 model so…… will have to do with same bugs and issues. So in the end I think that with a bit of luck I could pick up Late 2013 base 15 incher (only with RAM bumped to 16GB) for a good price as they will become ‘old models’ when the minor ‘Haswell CPU bump’ update is brought to the market….

So I just want to make sure the machine I am thinking of getting (Late 2013 15inch base with 16GB) will be free (hopefully entirely) of severe hardware problems of the Early2013 model. If not then just buy the new one, minor Haswell refresh hoping they finally fixed it? IF (still) NOT….. I will have to wait for a major upgrade that will arrive with Broadwell next year……?

Please help….. I have worked so hard to get the money for that laptop…… If it arrives and it turns out it’s not such a high quality machine I will be devasted….

thank you very much greetinx


ps. Can you also advise me if I am thinking correctly about Iris Pro or dedicated graphics card. At the beginning I was thinking of getting the much more expensive one with dedicated graphics as ‘more power is better’ but….. since I am so excited about Broadwell fanless/4k/Beats, and will be probably upgrading to that in a year or so when it’s out, the ‘low key approach’ of getting cheapest 15 inch for now (since I will be selling it on in a year or so) is the right one to have? PLUS with Iris (i.e. without dedicated graphics) the battery should last longer and laptop should generate less heat (I hate when laptops generate a lot of heat) right? Let me just say I won’t be using my rMBP for extensive graphics apps or gaming. Most of the time it’s listening to music, browsing www (really a lot of tabs open at the same time) and, of course, DJing using Serato DJ. Please help and thank you so much in advance guys.

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