Apple watchOS 2 Update

During WWDC 2015, Apple discussed the Apple Watch and the next major update for the wearable, Apple Watch watchOS 2 update. That includes support for native apps and new experiences on your wrist.

So, for example, you can set photos as your watch face, or an entire album that circulates through a gallery of photos. There’s also a Time-Lapse face that shows a time lapse for various locations like Hong Kong, London, New York, Shanghai and more.

Complications — the small sections of a watch face – will also be open to developers. So you can see sports scores on your home screen, apps from your automaker and more. Another feature, called Time Travel, moves forward and backward through time to see how your day changes in real time as you rotate the crown.

There’s a nightstand mode that allows you keep the watch face on all night while it’s charging. Also, you can add more friends and send new texts with different colors in your sketches. FaceTime Audio is also coming to the Apple Watch in watchOS 2. Workouts through third party apps can now contribute to your Apple Activity; and Siri can be used to start workouts.

Apple Pay and store cards will also be supported on the Apple Watch, in addition to the new Wallet app that will replace Passbook. Public transit directions in Apple Maps support is included, too, complete with step-by-step directions.

Siri is also changing — you can use her to control the gadgets in your smart home, and can use Siri to pull up Glances on the Apple Watch.

Developers will soon get access to contacts, the microphone, animations, PassKit, the Taptic Engine, HealthKit, streaming heart rate data, Core Graphics, CoreData, the microphone, Core Motion, the accelerometer, security, the speaker and much more. Short form video will also be supported.

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