Launch of a New Marketing Tool App

I am here to introduce the newly created app called uShuttl. A low cost and time saving new app that is designed to help with the everyday marketing troubles in mind. Remember “Marketing made simple ™”

 Starting from our website:

  • Upload your Company’s logo so you can create a personalized landing page.
  • Create categories and upload your company’s marketing material or documents.
  • Comprehensive reporting

On the phone:

  • From anywhere, you will be able to send multiple files to any specific person, all you need is their email address
  • Recipients will receive an email branded with your company’s logo with the documents on this landing page.

It saves you time, it saves you cost of paper and money, and it allows you to govern the material that your sales & marketing team are sending to potential clients.  You can update documents up until the very last minute before a meeting or convention. It is an enhancement of communication using technology: a place where every organization needs to be heading towards.

Feel free to try our free trial on our website and send Feedback and questions.

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