Today, I am excited to announce the launch of an awesome new app called Piximity, a photo-sharing network that helps you explore your surroundings in an entirely new way. Piximity allows you to capture and browse photos taken nearby you – all anonymously.
Piximity works by retrieving the user’s location and automatically sorts and ranks each picture by distance from the user.  Since the app revolves around the user’s proximity, the user can see exactly where each picture is on a map in relation to their location, even getting turn by turn directions to them. All pictures are full resolution and can be saved to your photo album.  While all posted images are anonymous, users can keep track of the pictures that they have taken as well as the number of likes and saves that each image has gotten. The fast upload speeds and easy navigation make Piximity an app to share off-the-cuff moments and view pictures in interesting new ways.
Daniel Shaffer


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