Last week, OnePlus unveiled a smartphone like no other: a device as cost-effective and customizable as it is powerful. Needless to say, pundits were all over it. The caveats? If you wanted to be among the first to own one this summer, you needed to get a bit creative and commit to spending one dollar. The ask? Simply smash your phone. Yup; that’s it. While some found it to be a horrifically gimmicky marketing ploy, others jumped all over it and put their creative video prowess to the test. Early this morning, one of those videos leaked online, courtesy of of one of the winners Toronto-based device skin manufacturer dbrand.

In true over-the-top dbrand fashion, they put a 64GB iPhone 5s up against 40,000 lbs of crushing force. The aftermath is viewable below. Please note, this is not for the faint of heart!


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