What do you want for iTunes 12?

With the public beta for OS X Yosemite not too far away from release, there has not even been one leaked an image for iTunes 12. Apple has not even mentioned it. It is still unclear if the public beta for Yosemite will have the new iTunes or if they will show it during the September event. While I doubt Apple will delay iTunes 12 until after the release like Photos, it could also be possible.

There are also rumours that Apple will split up iTunes like they did in iOS. Making Music, Videos, iTunes Store, App Store & Podcasts separate applications (Stock Applications). That seems unlikely to me. I can see how it worked for iOS since if iTunes was one big app on iOS it would be cluttered. I personally don’t want 6-7 new stock apps on OS X. There are enough of them already and Quick Time Player is Apple’s video player.

With that said, there is still room to speculate and make wish lists for new features or re-designs. So what do you want for iTunes 12? Will a simple re-design of the interface be enough, or do you want to see new and/or improved features? Do you want iTunes to be split up in to many separate applications? Tell me your opinions and ideas in the comments!

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