Intego Stories November 28, 2012

Ending today: First Parallels 8 bundle with Snagit, Virus Barrier, MacOptimizer, Rubbernet: Just $59



Mac bundle season continues with a big one from StackSocial. Dubbed the Mac Utility Bundle, they’ve managed to knock $20 off the price of Parallels ($79 regular price) alone and added 4 more helpful utilities to boot. Great way to start off any Mac purchase you may be doing this holiday season.

Details below or on StackSocial.

Intego Stories February 24, 2012

A new variant of the Flashback trojan horse called “Flashback.G” is reportedly out in the wild and able to exploit a pair of vulnerabilities found in an older version of Java run-time, according to a blog post by antivirus maker Intego yesterday. People running Snow Leopard and an older Java run-time are at high risk as the primary spreading method calls for maliciously crafted websites. When visiting such pages, the malware exploits a browser’s security settings and installs itself without any intervention on the user’s part.

Even if you use the latest Java run-time installation, the malware can still falsely report a Java certificate as signed by Apple (though it is reported as untrusted), duping naïve users into clicking the Continue button in the certificate window and letting the trojan infect the host system.

Upon infection, the trojan will suck personal data into the cloud, including sensitive usernames and passwords for Google, PayPal, eBay, and other popular websites. One possible sign of infection includes unexpected crashes in Safari, Skype, and other apps with embedded browser content.

So, how does one protect oneself from this nasty piece of software?

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