Forbes names Apple world’s most valuable brand for the year, Microsoft and Google follow

Forbes today released its list of the world’s most valuable companies, putting Apple at #1 with a valuation of $124.2 billion. That total puts its worth at almost twice that of any other company on the list, including Microsoft and Google, which came in second and third place, respectively.

Forbes factored in items such as how many products Apple moved in 2014, which pushed the company’s brand value up 19% over last year’s. That Apple would top a list of most valuable brands for the year likely comes as no big surprise to most readers. The company launched two new iPhones, updated versions of both models of the iPad, a new mobile payment system, and showed off its upcoming entry to the smartwatch market.

As for the competition, Microsoft’s brand was valued at a mere $63 billion, while Google came in at $56.6 billion.