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We’ve moved beyond concepts and physical mock ups of iPhone 6 to faked WWDC projector test videos, it appears.

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4 Responses to “Guy sends in fake iPhone 6 WWDC keynote video”

  1. Dean Har says:

    Are we sure this is fake?

    It would make sense to announce it early and release it in a month and a half or so. It’ll give developers some time to adjust for a bigger high res screen.


    • Exactly, for some reason everyone immediately ditched it as fake. It would be funny, if it actually gets released on Monday (maybe that’s the reason for all the banners with colorful dots symbolizing increased screen resolution). I hope it’s true and especially with all the leaks found of the iPhone 6 – by now thanks to those mockups we pretty much know how it looks, so the release is very close.

      I hope for iPhone 6 on Monday and iWatch to be released in the fall.


  2. people WANT to believe


    • Dean Har says:

      though that’s completely true, that’s not a good reason to assume it’s fake.

      I think the likelihood of this happening tomorrow is pretty low (I’m skeptic myself), but I’m more interested if there’s any factual evidence or logistical reason as to why announcing tomorrow is a complete impossibility