With the failed attempt by Microsoft to buy Yahoo! as a backdrop, the importance of having some cash on hand is becoming more important in the technology world.  With that in mind, the San Francisco Chronicle today does a piece on how Apple’s $19 Billion dollar cash pile is climbing, while Microsoft is falling and currently at $26 billion.   The balance was more than $64 billion less than four years ago.

What is all of Apple’s money for?  According to some analysts, it might be for a rainy day – perhaps the tech industry will hit a  dry spell?  Maybe Apple will hit an innovation wall?

More likely however, Apple wants to give itself the ability to make a megabuy – like the Microsoft-Yahoo deal. (But one that makes more sense hopefully)

The trends have implications for both companies. Cash translates into the ability to consider acquisitions and other potentially business-boosting deals. Apple has cited those types of possibilities when Wall Street analysts have asked about plans for its cash. Microsoft had been planning to borrow money for the first time, before it withdrew its $44.6 billion Yahoo bid Saturday.

We’ve discussed these possibilities before.  Apple likely doesn’t know which mega-buy/merger it will undertake at the moment.  However,  if one becomes available that makes sense, Apple should have the capability to make the move.   Changes in the industry over the next few years however, might make a deal like this very important to Apple’s future. 

For now, Apple’s cash stock pile keeps growing and growing…

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