So, anyone who doesn’t yet believe Apple intends shoving a camera inside a future iteration of the iPod touch really should chase across to Apple’s tech support pages, where a recently modified document seems to suggest Mac OS X thinks it does.

The document, “iPhone and iPod touch: Disabling digital camera notification in Mac OS X”, seems an anomaly. After all, we all know the iPhone hosts a camera, but the iPod touch doesn’t, does it? That’s certainly set us thinking and conjecturing and speculating.

“When the iPhone or iPod touch is connected to Mac OS X, a dialog is presented with choices for connecting as a digital camera and working with the digital pictures stored on the iPhone or iPod touch,” the document informs.

“This is the default behavior under Mac OS X for digital imaging devices. Mac OS X provides a way to disable this notification,” it adds, moving on to tell you how to disable that there notification those Apple’s is tellin’ us about.

So, just why is the iPod touch showing up as an imaging device when it doesn’t have a camera? Well, it didn’t last time we looked, so we checked and it still doesn’t. Sure, it can carry images, but why then does it show as a camera? Perhaps it’s only in order to invoke iPhoto so you can select images to store on it, but we don’t think so….

We think it’s a pretty solid hint that a camera will be put inside the iPod touch pretty soon.

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