We just finished watching the Fusion Garage press conference where they announced the CrunchPad JooJoo.  Besides not really showing it in action (a few seconds of stalled-stutter scrolling of a green screened device didn’t get your mouth watering?) the company seems a bit on the sketchy side, even if you don’t consider Michael Arrington’s legal threats a big deal. 

On that, most of the presentation was devoted to jabs at Arrington rather than wowing us with the technology.

The specs: 12-inch capacitive touch screen, 5 hour battery, $499 price tag, Wifi. 

We love the idea of a browser-only tablet and at $200-$300 might have taken a look, but at $500, it is a lot to risk on a company that may or may not be around next year and a product thats demo was as poor as we’ve seen.

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