According to new data compiled by Morgan Keegan (via AllThingsD), non-Apple revenues for the mobile computing industry made up of smartphones and tablets has remained stagnant for the last five years. In other words, revenues for the industry in Q4 2011 would have been roughly the same as in Q4 2007 without Apple.

To be specific: Revenues in Q4 2007 were approximately $37.93 billion for the industry (iPhone was introduced June 2007). Revenues almost doubled to $71.4 billion by Q4 2011. Take Apple out of the equation and those revenues in Q4 2011 drop to almost 2007 levels—approximately $37.97 billion. To put that in perspective: Apple reported $33.5 billion in mobile device revenues for Q4 2011, which is 47 percent of the $71.4 billion reported by the entire industry.

Tavis McCourt of Morgan Keegan noted the numbers mean Apple currently pulls in about 80 percent of operating profits while shipping 11 percent of the industry’s tablets and smartphones. The report also provided a chart (below) of earnings among the industry before taxes and interest:

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