Today during its Morning with Google+ event, Google made a point of noting that it is attempting to “revolutionize the field of photography” with its various Google+ tools and services, but admitted that it’s slightly behind with its iOS app. On mobile devices, Google has always done full-size backups and background sync for Android devices, but it announced today that those features would soon roll out to the iOS version of Google+ in a future update. Previously images were only backed up to the cloud if the Google+ app was open on iOS.

Google has of course been slightly limited in what it was able to do previously on iOS, but with iOS 7 it now has the ability to access Apple’s new Background Refresh feature to keep data up to date even when the app isn’t being used.

Update: Google’s Snapseed app gets updated to v 1.6.0 with:

• The new HDR SCAPE filter brings a stunning look to your images  • A new Shadows slider in Tune Image brightens dark areas naturally • Plus bug fixes and other small improvements

Don’t update if you aren’t on iOS 7.x

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