Apple has announced today that the Apple Watch SDK, WatchKit, will be available to developers starting next month. While Apple has partnered with many developers who have already gotten started developing apps, this release will allow anyone with access to Xcode the ability to start making software for Apple’s smartwatch.

The software development kit will cover all kinds of apps, going beyond just watch faces. For example, an app from BMW is already being developed that will show you things about the status of your car on your wrist. Apple has also been working with American Airlines to make an app that will help you manage boarding passes and the like.

Apple is pushing for and talks a lot about how apps on Apple Watch will be “glanceable,” which will condense the most important information from each app to its most basic form for you to scan when you’re out and about. These glances can be incorporated into WatchKit apps, letting you swipe up from your watch face to see the latest information.

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