If you’ve been more impressed by Beats 1 radio than I have, and want to invite your Android-owning friends to check it out, there are a number of unofficial web streams for that.

Developer Benjamin Rumble found an unencrypted HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) URL for the service and embedded it in a webpage on his personal site. You can also access the URL directly. Since then, others have found additional URLs … 


You can only access the streams from an IP address in one of the launch countries for Beats 1, but that’s quite a few.

You’ll need an app that supports the HLS protocol, which includes the stock browser in Android 4.1 and up – though Chrome is recommended. You can find a list of these here, but not all will necessarily work with any given stream. Apps successfully tested by Reddit users include Safari, Chrome, iTunes 11, Quicktime X and Media Player Home Classic.

Apple will probably change the URLs before long, but keep an eye on the Reddit thread: there is likely to be a cat-and-mouse game going on for a while, with new URLs discovered as old ones are closed down.

Beats 1 went live yesterday through the new Music app in iOS 8.4 and – some time later – iTunes 12.2.


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