After announcing its new T-Mobile One data plan to replace its existing plans and give all customers unlimited data in the process, the company today announced a new T-Mobile One Plus add-on to offer unlimited 4G LTE tethering and more.

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In addition to being able to use your phone or tablet as a mobile data hotspot with unlimited LTE data, ONE Plus also gives you unlimited HD day passes to stream video in HD quality, and data roaming abroad at twice the speed. When the company first launched the new One plan it was only offering HD video streaming as an add-on for $25.

The new “ONE Plus” perks can be added to a $40 T-Mobile One plan for the same $25 per line per month, bringing the starting price up to $65.

In addition, all T-Mobile One subscribers will be getting unlimited 3G hotspot (tethering), and an option to purchase $3/day passes for an upgrade to HD video. 

While the carrier is planning to eventually replace its old plans with the new One offerings, it has promised to let existing customers keep their current plans unless they decide to upgrade to the new unlimited options. The carrier previously announced plans to start offering the new plans on September 6, but today said it’s moving up the launch to Sept 1. You can read more and sign-up on the company’s site. 

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