Skype for Mac is getting an update today to version 7.50 and with it comes support for the macOS Share extension, allowing users to easily share files, videos, photos, and more directly from within the app.

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Today, we’re pleased to announce that version 7.50 for Mac will enable the Share extension for users on Mac OS 10.10 and higher. You can now share files, videos, photos, links and more directly to Skype! Just right click on what you want to share, select “Share” and then “Skype” from the menu.

After updating to version 7.50 of the app, you can enable the Share extension functionality by navigating to System Preferences> Extensions> Share Menu on your Mac and checking off the box to enable Skype.

Earlier this month, another update for Skype for macOS added support for Touch Bar controls on the new MacBook Pro, letting users see the name and profile picture the person they’re chatting with as well as a Start Video option, a Mute button, and a Hang Up button.

Today’s update also delivers the usual behind the scenes performance and stability updates.

You can download or update to Skype for Mac version 7.50 now.

Changes and new features Version Skype 7.50 released April 5th, 2017 • Share files, videos, photos, links and more directly to Skype! Just click on the share button and select Skype from the share menu. Turn this on, go to System Preferences, select Extensions, select Share Menu, and then check the box next to Skype. • Stability and performance improvements.

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