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Bruce Crumley is journalist and writer who has worked for Fortune, Sports Illustrated, the New York Times, The Guardian, AFP, and was Paris correspondent and bureau chief for Time magazine specializing in political and terrorism reporting. He splits his time between Paris and Biarritz, and is the author of novel Maika‘i Stink Eye.

February 28

Norway’s gigantic sovereign wealth fund is not enamored with the nearly $100 million pay package Apple has proposed CEO Tim Cook to compensate his 2021 achievements, and will express that displeasure by voting against it when shareholders meet on March 4.

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February 16

It’s now official: when you can’t get people to get into shape for their own good, bribery will probably work. That’s what an Australian health insurance company discovered in making Apples Watches available to clients for free so long as they met exercise commitments.

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February 15

Farewell iPhone 6 Plus, we hardly knew thee. Only seven years after Apple released that iteration of its smartphone, the tech has been sufficiently dated by successors – and time – for the iPhone 6 Plus to be rendered to the company’s list of vintage products this week.

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October 21, 2021

Apple files patent request for drone (networking) tech

The diversity and depth of Apple products at times suggests there’s no limit to what kind of tech the company can produce, or what new activities it might decide to get involved with. Now, a new patent filing raises the question of whether Apple is contemplating a launch into the drone sector – albeit a defined and contained part of it.

October 20, 2021

DJI releases Ronin 4D professional cinema camera with LiDAR focusing

Proving once again it’s a tech company that just happens to be a world leader in drones, DJI today released its professional-grade DJI Ronin 4D cinema camera, featuring (among a slew of other things) a full-frame Zenmuse X9 gimbal camera, 4-axis stabilization system, and an Apple-style LiDAR focusing system.

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