BlackBerry has finally releasd an iPad-compatible version of its extremely popular iOS messaging client, along with many new features and bug fixes that are sure to excite everyone.

New in this version of BBM, you’ll be able to start chatting with your friends that already have the app installed without needing to invite them to add you as a contact on the service first. You’ll also be able to manage your downloaded sticker packs, broadcast messages to a select group of your contacts, and save your chat logs to iCloud.

Group chats can be started using contact categories and you can block messages from group chats you no longer want to be part of. Voice chat has also been improved.

Timed photos and messages as well as retracted messages have all been moved into a new subscription package that you can actually pay money for in case you’ve never heard of Snapchat. Password-protected group chats will now allow you to automatically login as long as everyone is running the same version of BBM. Bug fixes have also been made to file transfers in protected group chats.

You can download BBM for iOS on the App Store, if you’re into that sort of thing.

What’s New in Version

Start chatting with your address book contacts that are already using BBM – No invite required! We’ve bundled timed pictures, timed messages and retracted messages into a new BBM Subscription. Broadcast messages can now be sent to specific contact categories. Manage your Stickers – Choose which sticker packs are displayed in your Sticker Picker. Multi-person chats can now be started from specific contact categories. Save your chats to iCloud – perfect for switching devices or upgrading. iPad support. Improved Voice Chat experience. You now have the option to block receiving messages from a multi-person chat.

BBM Protected Updates: Support autopassphrase in BBM Protected Groups so users don’t have to manually enter a passphrase* Address file/picture transfer issues under BBM Protected and Protected Plus* Improvements to Protected manual passphrase exchange*

* Requires both contacts to be running v2.8 on iOS and Android or v10.8 on BlackBerry 10

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