In this App you you will find all of the most magical and exotic elements of the Asian world… in a runner game!


You are, no less, a little Tofu! That’s right… the typical Asian cheese, used in both the Japanese and Chinese cuisine. You escaped from a plate and you have to run as fast as you can through all the most hidden Asian kitchens, to avoid getting caught and being put back on the stove. To remain in a more familiar world to us: do you remember the escape of crab Sebastian from Chef Louis in the Little Mermaid? There you go, you got it!

On your way, many obstacles will try to stop you. But be smart: avoid the burning soy cups, sharp chopsticks, knives and pans. Use all your wit and some useful helpers: on your way you will find object that you don’t want to miss. Moreover, in the store you can find cool characters and transformations for your Tofu that will make the game more funny and adventurous: Cheese, Chick, Rabbit and Samurai (yes!).

Come join the fun and become a Crazy Tofu!


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