Photo Pulsym
A small app development team based in Paris, France, developed, inthe perspective of the release of the Apple Watch, a fitness app called “Pulsym” based on the technologies integrated in the Apple Watch, such as the Heart Rate sensor.
Combining a live and integrated analysis of your heart rate to their fitness program, based on High intensity interval training, the Pulsym app automatically matches to your pulse the songs of your library that have the best corresponding beats per minute, depending how many intervals are left in your workout and how fast or slow your heart beat is vs what it should be.
Thanks to Pulsym’s algorithm, you can change the song playing and the app will choose one that has the exact same beats per minute for the exact amount of time left in your interval.
You can also sync the Watch to the iOS app, and get access to the map of your workout, a comprehensive breakdown of your heart rate during during the different phases of your session, and the songs played during a specific interval.
Watch interface 2
The team designed the interface to be an extension of the Apple Watch, so that the app is easy to use and quick to launch and set up.
This is a great example of how the Apple Watch might be used in our daily life and activities.

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