You will always see an iPhone will get more resale value than any other phone, no matter the condition or the usage. It is that magic Apple has created in Indian Users. It is the magic of the iOS, which doesn’t hang at all, it is the magical after-sales service that apple provides. Some people also consider iPhone as a status symbol of the rich. Here I will list down the reasons why I think people love the iPhone and other Apple Products

1. Build Quality and Design

I have to say, that Jonathan Ive’s team works very hard at Apple. All apple products are beautifully designed, and manufactured. The is one of the major reasons people love Apple Products. The are visually very appealing and strikes your eyes. Honestly, every time I see my macbook air, I get overwhelmed by the sleek design, and wonder how could have they made such a thin notebook.

2. After Sales Service

I have to mention, nobody can match apple in this department. The service is amazing, if you have a problem with your iOS device and it’s in warranty, they will replace the WHOLE device. That is the kind of service you get from Apple, and their staff is very helpful. I’d say that is one of the major reasons I love Apple products.

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