One of the greatest debates in technological history. So much so that Steve jobs was ready to start a nuclear war over it. The debate, which one is better?

The big question. Is it to do with the software or the hardware? Well, let’s start with the software. Is there really any significant thing that iOS can do, but not Android? Or Vice Versa? You may say that you can change the font, colours and icons on Android, but would you really buy an Android just because you can change the way an icon looks? You may say the iPhone is aluminium and that it looks nice. But in the end, you are just going to put a cover over it. (Or buy the galaxy alpha ;)). 

Being an iPhone and android user it wasn’t easy to see why any had an advantage. There was nothing that i did on my android that made me think “I totally need to do this! I now have an android!”

If we now focus on the hardware, there is a bit more of a difference now. This is also the stage where people don’t compare with only apple. Different phone can be compared with different people. This is where cutomizability comes in. If you want a better camera, sound, display, size or feel. This is where a phone like Phoneblocks(Ara) is extremely useful. But ultimately, there are quite a few differences in phone, but aside from hardware, it’s not as much different as you think. I thought that when I will get an Android, my life will turn upside down (or downside up), but that was not the case, I was doing the same things that I was doing on my iPhone. So is there really a difference? And are those big enough to create one of the biggest wars in history? Well… You decide.

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