Upgrading your iPhone is supposed to be a wonderful experience. You get a shiny new phone, and all of your data is seamlessly added during the setup process. Unless you’re one of the people who sit down to setup their favorite new gadget only to find their data lost.

In this Apple Support thread, and many like it, you’ll see the stories of iPhone owners who find that they are unable to setup their new iPhone with the backup of their previous iPhone due to a corrupt backup. In many cases, the original device is already gone due to a trade-in or giving it to a family member as a hand-me-down. You’ll also see people who were encouraged to backup and wipe their iPhone before coming in for the Apple Battery Replacement program, only to come home and find their data broken and gone.

I was eligible for a free new battery under Apple’s replacement program. Dutifully backed up last night before heading to the Genius Bar this morning. They made me erase all my content before replacing the battery, so when I got home, I had to restore from backup. But when I tried…….disaster.  The “corrupt backup” message that everyone’s encountered.

Apple Support and Genius Bar currently have no solution, but there is one company selling software to fix the corrupt iPhone backups. Perhaps that this is a signal that Apple is abandoning local backup and data storage hoping to move everyone to iCloud?

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