Observer: Hashtags on your TV

Hi everyone,

We’re 88 Oak, a small software studio in North Texas. We’ve just launched our newest iOS app called Observer which lets you put any hashtag on any TV.

Social media offers a ton of opportunities to businesses. Observer lets you put those social media posts up for others to see, wherever you choose. You can use the iPad’s built-in display, or with With HDTV-Out, your iPad becomes a control panel for a beautiful, custom-designed, adaptive-format gallery of photos and tweets.

Users can post to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag of your choice, and their posts will show up on screen for everyone else to see. You don’t have to do anything, thanks to our insanely simple setup process and fully automated updating. But, if you want to remove a certain photo it’s very easy to do so using your device.

Observer is available for any iOS 8 device, and supports AirPlay streaming and fullscreen HDTV-out (with adapter).

You can learn more at or get straight to the App Store at


Oh, and here’s some promo codes (first-come first-served of course!)



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