When iOS 7 was released, from the moment customers installed it on their devices, reports started rolling in about how there was random crashing, how customers didn’t like the design, how everything seemed, incomplete. Since then, Apple hasn’t released any major updates to the operating system. All updates were small incremental fixes for bugs users and developers reported. But there are still tons of users that are having problems with Apple’s newest operating system.

If you’re crossing your fingers for a new design in iOS 7, I wouldn’t get too excited. Apple has put a lot of work and energy into iOS 7, and to completely redesign it before iOS 8, could cause problems. But if you like the design, and all you want is a simple fix for all those random crashes and bugs, iOS 7.1 could be the update for you.

Going back to the release of iOS 7. It was said that Apple didn’t have enough time to complete iOS 7, and that was one of the excuses for all the problems. iOS 7.1 is said to be released sometime this month, so Apple had months to work on it and release iOS 7 how they actually intended.

But remember, this isn’t iOS 8, it is simply a X.1 update. If you look back with iOS 6 to 6.1, there weren’t any new amazing features, as an update isn’t meant to lure new customers in. It simply fixed bugs, added a few new design elements, and other small things.

So if you’re absolutely fed up with iOS 7, wait it out to iOS 7.1. This new update should fix a whole lot of iOS 7’s issues.

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