RoadCam is an app that lets users view traffic cameras and road conditions in their region. RoadCam supports 22 states and 8 different countries around the world. We created RoadCam after we went on a road trip through the United States and we had to download a separate app for each state. More often than not, the apps were poorly made and didn’t really fulfill our needs. Soon after, we decided to create our own and here we are today! It’s free to download (with optional upgrades) and we hope this can help you and your family during winter.


Create Routes

Save your frequently viewed cameras in your routes manager. Easily jump right to the cameras you need to see.


Watch Companion App

RoadCam includes a companion Apple Watch app for viewing favorite cameras.


Apple TV Companion App

RoadCam will soon have a companion Apple Watch app in the tvOS App Store, this app will allow users to view their saved favorites from the comfort of their sofa.


No Ads

We don’t have advertisements in RoadCam, instead each region has a number of free/upgradable cameras, and we rely on in-app purchases to unlock these extra cameras and weather features.


3-Day Weather

When a user upgrades their specific region, they get access to the closest weather station to each camera. With this feature, users can see temperature, wind, snow and rain forecasts for the area.


Live Traffic Features (RoadCam Live)

Users in Oregon and Washington can optionally subscribe to RoadCam Live, our live traffic service. This service lets users view realtime reporting on road accidents, incidents, construction and severe weather.  We are working hard to support more areas with this feature.


Supported Areas


United States

– Alabama (ALDOT cameras)

– Arizona (ADOT cameras)

– California (CALTRANS cameras)

– Florida (FDOT cameras)

– Idaho (IDOT cameras)

– Indiana (INDOT cameras)

– Kentucky (Trimarc cameras)

– Louisiana (LaDOT cameras)

– Massachusetts (MassDOT cameras)

– Minnesota (MnDOT cameras)

– New Mexico (NMRoads cameras)

– New York (NYCTMC cameras)

– North Carolina (NCDOT cameras)

– Ohio (OHGO cameras)

– Oregon (ODOT cameras)

– Rhode Island (RiDOT cameras)

– Tennessee (TDOT cameras)

– Texas (TXDOT cameras)

– Utah (UDOT cameras)

– Washington (WSDOT cameras)

– Wisconsin (WisDOT cameras)

– Wyoming (WYOROAD cameras)


Outside of the United States

– Alberta, Canada

– Australia

– Austria

– British Columbia, Canada

– Czech Republic

– England

– Holland

– Luxemburg

– New Zealand

– Norway

– South Africa

– Spain

– Taiwan


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