10.8.4 Beta Stories May 24, 2013

Apple seeds OS X 10.8.4 beta build 12E55 to developers

A little over a week since the previous build, Apple has seeded OS X 10.8.4 beta 12E55 to developers. Once again, the build contains no known issues and Apple asks developers to focus on Safari, Graphics, WiFi, and Windows File Sharing. Thanks, D!

10.8.4 Beta Stories May 21, 2013

There have been plenty of hints over the past months that indicate that Apple’s incoming next round of MacBook Air/Pros would contain 802.11AC Gigabit wifi chips, not the least of which was code we found referencing ‘802.11AC‘ in 10.8.4 Betas.

TonyMacx86, found some interesting parts on Chinese VR-Zone today that could be the next 802.11AC boards in Macs, widely expected to be announced at WWDC next month. The Broadcom BCM94360CD PCI-E mini custom combo WLAN+Bluetooth card supports IEEE 802.11ac, the next standard in wireless computer networking. Interestingly, it also looks like it may fit in current iMacs/MacBooks which could mean aftermarket updates could be possible.

This compares to the current iMac cards via iFixit below: expand full story

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