Griffin introduces an all-in-one charging solution for Apple Watch and iPhone


Following Apple’s latest product announcement today, we are beginning to see companies release charging and storage solutions for the Apple Watch. Popular accessory maker Griffin Technology has revealed its WatchStand, which provides an angled charging platform for the watch and a base for displaying an iPhone. This is the first combination Watch and iPhone accessory that we’ve seen, although it’s unlikely to be the last.

The WatchStand from Griffin provides a pedestal that encases the MagSafe charger for the Apple Watch. The arm extends to an angled cradle allowing for the device to rest in a horizontal orientation above a nightstand or coffee table at an easily viewed location. The MagSafe connector itself lays in a recessed location at the top, with the cable snaking down through the arm hiding it until the base. 

Beneath the arm, you’ll find an angled platform with a lip at the edge to rest an iPhone. The back of the device rests on the arm, keeping it upright for viewing while it rests. Unlike the DODOcase charging stand that we have previously seen, this option from Griffin answers two storage needs for devices that users commonly keep close at night.

Griffin is planning to release the WatchStand this Summer at a price of $29.99. Until then, we are certain that more accessories and charging solutions will be released soon.