You may have heard about a recent video that is a compilation of recordings of people using Apple Store display Macs. The video, highlighted by Gizmodo, was created by Kyle McDonald. McDonald created the video, you see above, by installing special spy camera software on Apple Store Macs. This software took recordings from two New York-based Apple Stores and sent it to Kyle’s computer. This is obviously super-invasive and when we first saw this video, we we’re certain that it was not going to end well for McDonald.

Mashable now reports that Apple has, in fact, gone after McDonald — but does not detail what Apple is looking to do. That’s not all though as the United States Secret Service is also going after Kyle. Apparently, the Secret Service swiped two flash drives, an iPod, and two computers from McDonald’s home. After recording people, installing spy cam software on Apple’s private property, and having the Secret Service after him, McDonald reportedly believes he has not broken any laws.

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