As many of you know, Apple’s servers took a hard hit yesterday as everyone began upgrading to iOS 5, downloading OS X 10.7.2, and the various other updates to apps yesterday.  Some users were unable to actually activate iOS 5 for some time. This morning, however, everything seems to be in the clear in terms of upgrading to iOS 5, and won’t leave your device unusable, so it is all clear to download.

Was all of this really all Apple’s fault? Perhaps some ISPs are also to blame. As you can imagine, a sizable amount of people were downloading 400MB+ files, something that would cause a sizable spike in usage. Check out the graph from one ISP below.

There are a few reports out there that there are still issues with iCloud email not connecting to Apple’s servers. Let us know what you’re seeing in the comments. Apple’s Support page is telling us that some users are currently seeing Mail and Notes issues. Check it out after the break:

via The Next Web

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