Following in the footsteps of FortuneFinancial Times and other companies that tap modern web technologies to their advantage, Foursquare, a popular location-based social networking web site, is focusing on HTML5, too. For much of the social stuff found in the App Store, a well-written HTML5 web app can perform just as good as its native counterpart.

Foursquare’s new experience on the web doesn’t just provide the features from their native iPhone client, they also augment it with new social discovery capabilities optimized for mobile devices such as iPad and other tablets.

Point your iPad’s Safari browser at and log in using your credentials. You should be presented with a map that shows your friends, trending places (yellow), places on your lists (green), places with Specials (orange) and popular places (blue).

The new List discovery feature lets you search for a particular venue visually, including guiding tours of places built using crowd-sourced knowledge. The site-wide redesign includes revamped place pages, commenting, bigger photos and so forth. Another noteworthy nice-to-have: Places on the map show personalized content based on the time of day.

According to the blog post:

To make sure it’s useful every time you visit, we also pull out a few results that are perfect for what you want to do next. Load it up at 11:30 and we’ll start suggesting great lunch spots nearby, and in the early evening we’ll switch to places for dinner. On Saturday afternoon, we’ll show you some great weekend activities. We’ve been testing this at foursquare HQ for a while, and love checking it for new ideas before we go out.

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One Response to “Foursquare reveals all-new iPad experience on the web”

  1. I cant log in with safari as it used fb on iphone to sign up, and no fb signin is available on the browser version of foursquare in safari on ipad. Cant log in because it uses my fb username email address and password, except it doesnt accept the password. I can log in auto on iphone, but not if i delete facebook app, which does all the logging in for me. I don’t think foursquare is going to make it is going to disappear one day and so I’m not bothering to spend years adding content to something that is not going to survive