Earlier today, Apple seeded their second developer preview of the upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion release. As Apple noted when introducing the new OS X software product earlier this year, the new version is all about bringing iOS 5 features to the Mac. This includes popular iOS features like Game Center, Notification Center, AirPlay Mirroring, and Messages. Since the release of the new beta earlier today, a few notable additions have been spotted.

Twitter in Notification Center: 

While promised when Mountain Lion was introduced, developer preview 2 now allows developers and testers the ability to receive Twitter for Mac notifications. These notifications come for @replies and direct messages. These are seen by way of notifications like banners and via the actual Notification Center panel itself.

iCloud tabs in Safari:

Also promised at introduction was an iCloud Safari tab system. Developer preview 2 brings the feature to fruition, and it is exactly what one would imagine. The new iCloud Safari tabs feature allows users to keep their open Safari tabs in sync across iOS devices and Macs. The feature is activated by clicking the iCloud button now on the Safari address bar.

Contacts access requests:

Another notable addition is a new panel that warns users that an application is about to access their contact list information. This addition comes following the iOS/Path contacts situation from a few weeks ago. In 10.8, Apple is making this contact access process as transparent as possible. Apple has said that they will be doing this in a future iOS software update as well. Thanks PiratX! 

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