TwelveSouth has announced a major update to its BackPack shelf for the Apple iMac and Apple’s LED Displays. The BackPack has always been the most intuitive Apple desktop shelf, an accessory that allows you to keep a hard drive or other components behind your display. The BackPack 2 introduces a couple of major new enhancements:

  • Vertical support pegs: these new pegs allow you to store items without worrying about them tipping over. Additionally, the new vertical pegs allow you to keep a smaller notebook computer – like a MacBook Air – behind your desktop.
  • Rails for cable management
  • The ability to use the shelf in front of your desktop, not just in the back. This makes it more convenient to store accessories that a user needs rapid access to. Such as a wireless keyboard, mouse, or Magic Trackpad.

The BackPack 2 costs $34.99 and we’ll be reviewing it soon.

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