Apple just uploaded a new television ad to their YouTube channel and website titled “FaceTime Every Day,” following their popular “Photos Every Day” and “Music Every Day” ads.

Like previous ads, Apple’s newest offering demonstrates the many ways iPhone users enjoy FaceTime on their devices. The minute-longs spot, which is reminiscent of Apple’s original FaceTime ads, details people communicating with sign language, showing a new house to their family, watching the fireworks, and more.

The spot ends with the line: “Everyday, more people connect face to face on the iPhone than any other phone.”

The timing of this new advertisement is interesting, as just today Nokia was caught parodying Apple’s Photos Every Day ad.

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7 Responses to “Apple posts new “FaceTime Every Day” TV ad”

  1. It’s like a slap back to Nokia’s recent add.


  2. Now Nokia, because they don’t have anything better to do, try to …. oohh sorry. They don’t do FaceTime…


    • You’re right. They have Skype… You know, the app that works on more than just one OS? Yeah, Windows Phone is a bad OS. That is, until you actually try it. You’ll be amazed how much it blows away the competition, and aside from the lack of Apps that are useful, it’s better than both Android and iOS in a lot more ways.


      • That is not the point. The point is that people that actually do good things advertise what they do. Its a shame that all of those companies has to be “better” than Apple, to show up their devices. Why don’t they just show the best they have and forget about the competition? I have Skype on iOS, and FaceTime also. But again, Apple is showing what they have, what they invent, and btw, is so much easier FT than Skype. And if you like Windows, i am happy for Microsoft. At least they have you as a customer. And with you, their recently 900 million loss does not look as bad as I thought. I know Surfaces and Windows 8 are amazing and ‘blows away the competition”, I just do not know why they are losing money and updating the system, to make look as W7. Weird, uh?


  3. @secadesdj I think you have a pretty good point, I agree with you :)


  4. Obnoxious and unnecessary…but FaceTime is pretty cool. We’ve finally caught up with the Jetsons. Well, we still don’t have flying cars…Apple?


  5. RP says:

    What a beautiful ad. This ad agency and director in particular is doing phenomenal work for Apple.