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Apple is making some notable improvements to its iWork suite of productivity applications today across its platforms. First, the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps found on have been updated with some enhancements: all three apps now have improved Retina display support, an updated design for the editor tab, and improved sharing functionality. The new sharing options allow users to share documents in a view-only state (previously, anyone could edit documents shared via iCloud), and documents can be opened directly via iCloud Mail.

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Keynote, Apple’s slide presentation creator, has added the ability for the editing of charts within imported files. Numbers, Apple’s Excel-competitor, has improved pop-up menus, and Pages has gained improved text wrapping, new templates, and like Keynote, the ability to edit charts from imported documents. These changes have already been pushed to the web version of iWork, and Apple has told users that compatible updates for OS X and iOS will be arriving later today. These updates come just days after Microsoft’s successful launch of the Office suite on the iPad…

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12 Responses to “iWork for iCloud gains new design & sharing options, Mac/iOS updates later today”

  1. Yusss! share view-only docs…. bye bye Google docs.


  2. Remy Konings says:

    Yea really nice, Now only a central file management system connected, i’m going all the way on iCloud.


  3. Richard Nash says:

    Good one, guys ;-)


  4. Richard Nash says:

    Holy smokes, this is actually true! :-)


  5. Awesome! Actually goodbye Google Docs and Office365


  6. KeyNote update for Mac just arrived!


  7. When-oh-when will we be able to have animations in iCloud tho? Nice update nonetheless.


  8. Yay! So much nicer now! Can’t wait for Apple to redesign OS X for this new design!


  9. Call me when you can use mail merge, embed urls, create & edit charts etc. the sharing is nice but iwork is still crippled for me.


    • bboysupaman says:

      I agree with you about the importance of these features (I especially miss mail merge), but this is a great update! If Apple keeps the updates coming like this… There will be no need to bother with Microsoft Office (for most people, I think it’s already reached that point).


  10. Dane Udenberg says:

    Happy to see Apple improving iWork. I’m still hopeful they’ll restore some desperately-needed features to Pages, such as table of contents support. What a painful omission that is, especially for customers who have created important documents that require it. Still orphaned in Pages 09 for now.