The slide above is an interesting look at the rapid growth of tablets and how the category is growing much faster than desktop or notebook PCs ever accomplished. That and the fact there is still much room for growth is one of the key trends in a presentation from Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers at this week’s Code Conference.

The slide on the right above shows the potential for growth if tablets are to reach the population penetration of PCs (21%), smartphones (22%), or TVs (78%). The data in the slides comes from Morgan Stanley, which just so happen to lower its 2014 tablet growth forecast earlier this month suggesting that weaker than expected iPad sales could stick around for the rest of the year…

The question is how much of the growth will go to iOS vs Android. Despite losing market share to Android overall globally, Apple continues to sell more iPads than any single Android manufacturer. Morgan Stanley noted “Android appears to be faring better than iOS tablets on the back of lower price points and broader product portfolios” while lowering its tablet growth estimate for this year to 12% from 26%.

But it’s not just tablets. Another interesting slide from Meeker’s presentation gives a good look at how iPhone is struggling to keep up with the lower price points of Android smartphones:


Compare that with Apple’s own internal slides that leaked earlier this year:

The rest of Meeker’s lengthy presentation on Internet Trends for 2014 (embedded below) is a interesting read. 

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3 Responses to “Analyst Mary Meeker: Charts show growth potential for tablets, Apple’s fight with declining smartphone prices, more”

  1. rogifan says:

    Mary Meeker…wasn’t she the one pimping internet stocks like AOL back in the late 90s?


  2. Is Porsche and Mercedes-Benz fighting a price war with Kia and Toyota?

    As far as tablets are concerned, Apple can still go after the educational market. Paper textbooks are bound to fall out of favor at some point. There are only so many trees remaining and textbook data lags quite far behind the internet. Electronic textbooks would be far more interactive for students. It just makes sense for textbook companies to create electronic books to make their money from. To me, it seems that the tablet market is far from dead or dying. There are an awful lot of elementary and high schools that could transition to tablets even if they’re not buying iPads.