The Mormon church has announced plans to issue 32,000 iPad minis to its missionaries by early 2015, ABC News reports. The church hopes that these devices will enable a new generation of social media outreach. That figure represents about 36% of active Mormon missionaries throughout the world (currently around 86,000).

Those 32,000 iPads won’t only be deployed in the United States. The current plan involves rolling the device out in Canada, parts of Europe, and Japan in the same time frame. Missionaries in developed countries will be responsible for the $399 cost of the device, and will get to keep the iPad even after their ministry is finished. Those who can’t afford the price tag will receive help from the church in obtaining their iPads.

Each tablet will be configured with magazines, Bible apps, and other tools to aid in their ministry. The church is also encouraging members to use social media platforms to reach out. The hope, says the director of the church’s ministry and outreach efforts, is that one device will be able to replace many of the materials missionaries currently use in their day-to-day lives.

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23 Responses to “Mormon church to put iPad minis in the hands of 32,000 missionaries by 2015”

  1. Brian Davis says:

    Nice! Those guys and gals basically get the bare essentials for 2 years on their missions in different states and countries and half of their food is given to them by people they visit. iPads will definitely give them more flexibility.


  2. I would have loved that. Navigating those tiny town French streets was tricky.


    • In the favela of brazil it wouldn’t have mattered with GPS. But I don’t see how these don’t get stolen, constantly.


      • I wonder about the whole stolen thing. I served a mission in Mexico City, and I got attacked a few times. Several of my colleagues were robbed regularly as well. I could see this painting a target on missionaries. That being said, I would have loved to have had one, it would have been a great resource.


  3. herb02135go says:

    I wonder if the church will monitor or restrict their internet activity to keep them in the cult.


  4. lilhobbes says:

    As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon), I am very excited about this. Hopefully I will be able to serve my two year mission early next year, so hearing that we will have iPad minis is getting me even more excited!


    • Thank you for using the proper name here…In fact, it would be nice of Mike to change the headline to, “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to put iPad minis in the hands of 32,000 missionaries by 2015″

      Calling them “Mormons” is like calling Native Americans “Indians”.


  5. tgxcyan says:

    i wonder if this will help them to understand that joseph smith is not the prophet and they believe to be…


  6. clarencesnickers says:

    I was one of those missionaries in southern France. I was thinking almost every day how useful an iPad would be! This is really exciting!


  7. Mormonism just plain fascinates me. I just can’t take a Mormon seriously. I think it’s actually a big joke club, and they’re all in on it, playing this game to make us think they’re all trapped in this stolen-novel of a cult, with a Founder that lied under oath about being able to read Hebrew, when really they’re just waiting to all roll on the floor laughing screaming, “oh my GAWD we had you… haw haw haaaawww….. You believed we really believe all that crazy secret-magical-underwear sh*t…. ho man…”


    • Fair enough, fair enough. But I can’t take you seriously with that hat. Also, this site is not about religious beliefs or mormonism. Please don’t steer it that way.


    • You should really talk to a mormon about these things. It is very clear that you are mostly just repeating things that you have heard second hand. I don’t mean any offense, but I don’t believe that you would be the kind of person to make fun of someone’s beliefs and the things they hold sacred if you understood them.


  8. Is it ‘church to deploy…’ or, ‘…missionaries will be responsible for the cost… Those who can’t afford will receive help.’ Headline should read, ‘Church asking 32,000 missionaries to purchase iPads?’


  9. Good news for Apple bad news for us.


  10. Andy Brooks says:

    Giving 32,000 sexual suppressed 19 and 20 year old guys iPads with internet connectivity? I can’t see how anything could possible go wrong..


  11. “Book of Kevin”


  12. James Coak says:

    Well that is absolutely wonderful. As if hell isn’t full enough they will be able to pack in even more. Will they send any to the planet Kolob, or being as they say there are people inhabiting the moon AND ha! ha! the sun. I’m sure they will make sure they get into their hands. Of course they won’t let them into heaven without a personal note from Joseph Smith.


  13. Wow. How proud so many of you must be.

    Take a look at the history of the Thirty Years War. Millions across Europe killed in the name of religious intolerance. It is truly sad to see how little we have come in the last four hundred years. You don’t have to believe what they believe, but at least be a good enough human to respect their right to believe.



  14. 9to5savio says:

    The LDS church is in many ways the most technologically advanced church in the world. Now with missionaries having access to an iPad, this is gonna be amazing. I bet they make some very impressive apps specifically for the missionaries.