The homepage received a bit of an update today with the site highlighting two new additions to the company’s ongoing ‘Your Verse’ campaign. Apple’s two new Your Verse spots for the iPad Air include one profile of musicians in Chinese group Yaoband and another of co-founder of the Slow Roll city bike ride Jason Hall.

Like past campaigns, Apple’s microsites for the two new profiles include several videos showing how the both of the subjects are using iPad in their daily work. For Yaoband that means everything from sampling to recording and performing live with the device, while Hall uses it to plan his community bike rides in Detroit that have since become a global movement. 

A lot of planning goes into each weekly ride. So Hall uses Penultimate to jot down ideas and sketch out routes to share with his team. “I like the ability to write stuff down on the screen — to communicate to my corkers and point out trouble spots,” he says. And once the Slow Roll ride is under way, Hall and his squad keep in contact using the Zello Walkie Talkie app on iPhone… Hall’s community-building message has caught the attention of local schools, where his talks have been a big hit with the students. To capture their interest, Hall uses Prezi on iPad to show off slides and photos wirelessly


Apple also highlights a number of iPad apps used by Yaoband and Hall including apps like iMashcine, MIDI Designer Pro, and Logic Remote for the musicians and apps like Prezi, The Weather Channel and Penultimate for those planning the bike ride.

Once they have a solid beat, Peter and Luke Wang jam iPad to iPad infree-form sessions. Peter uses the Music Studio app to lay down the melody and try different instrumentations, which can in turn influence Luke Wang’s sound. With a tight demo in hand, they bring in the other band members to contribute their parts, balancing electronica with traditional rock guitar, bass, and drums. As the final touch, rapperMr. How uses Notes to jot down lyrics.

Apple hasn’t yet uploaded the full videos to its YouTube channel, but you can check out the various clips on its website here and here.

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One Response to “Apple shares new ‘Your Verse’ iPad campaigns w/ China’s Yaoband & Detroit’s Slow Roll”

  1. Does anyone know how to implement the 3D effect which is used in these web pages using the iPad’s accelerometer? It’s really cool!