Men pose with Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 4 smartphones in photo illustration in Zenica

Bloomberg reports that Apple has once again been denied a sales ban request on Samsung products that were already found to infringe its patents back in May.

Apple Inc. (AAPL) failed again to win a sales ban on Samsung Electronics Co. (005930)products found to infringe its smartphone patents, even after requesting what it described as a more limited prohibition.

According to the report, Apple had narrowed its request to focus on only certain smartphone models, but Koh still denied the sales ban despite Apple offering Samsung a period of time to implement workarounds for the infringing features: Apple tried to make its request more viable by targeting specific infringing features in nine Samsung devices, and by offering what it called a “sunset period” to give its Suwon, South Korea-based rival a chance to design around the features before any ban was enforced, according to a court filing.

Today’s report from Bloomberg didn’t provide any additional details on the court’s decision.

Apple and Samsung haven’t yet responded to requests for comment.

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5 Responses to “Apple once again denied sales ban on Samsung devices in ongoing patent case”

  1. rafalb177 says:

    Shamedung. That name explains everything. The problem is there’s nothing to copy from them.


  2. John H Smith says:

    Someone needs to investigate this judge, most of her decisions is favoring Samsung in the long run.


    • Yeah she’s Korean American haha. The real problem with a judge, like any human, is that they have their own interests, bias, and human emotion just like anyone else. They’re human, they make mistakes, they do stupid things, believe stupid things, and everything in between.


  3. herb02135go says:

    Raise your hand if your a judge.
    Anyone? If you’ve gone to law school.