March 31

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March 29

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March 25

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The 12.9″ iPad Pro is a great productivity device, but unfortunately it ships with an inadequate 12W power adapter. This is the same charger commonly used with the smaller 9.7″ iPad line, and it’s much inadequate for a device as large and as power hungry as the 12.9″ iPad Pro.

I find that when using the iPad Pro at full brightness, it’s difficult to maintain your current charge, let alone gain battery life, when using the 12W charger. I’ve actually seen my iPad Pro lose battery life even when it was plugged in.

Needless to say, it’s pretty obvious that Apple should have included a beefier charger with the 12.9″ iPad Pro. Thankfully, as was revealed at this week’s iPhone SE event, an adequate solution is now here. If you’re an iPad Pro owner, should you invest in Apple’s new 29W capable USB-C to Lightning Cable? expand full story


When Apple launched the iPhone 6s/Plus, 3D Touch was one of the headline features. Apple devoted a full four-minute video to showing what it does and how it works. Even today, visit the Apple website and click on the iPhone 6s, and it’s the first thing you see. Apple’s summary of the phone is ‘3D Touch, 12MP photos, 4K video.’

The first tab at the top of the screen is 3D Touch. The first video linked is the one for 3D Touch. Scroll down the page for the detail of the phone, and 3D Touch – ‘the next generation of multi-touch’ – is again the first feature to be shown. Clearly Apple thinks it’s a big deal.

And yet, the company just this week unveiled not just one but two new iOS devices, neither of which offers the feature. This is perhaps understandable in the case of the iPhone SE – Apple needed some tech distinctions between its flagship phone and its new budget model. But it’s an odd omission from a brand new iPad …

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Apple has a new Classroom app and some nice education features like sharing iPads between classrooms starting with iOS 9.3, but the app that lets teachers make it all work it getting hit with some early negative reviews mostly because it’s not something you just install and start using. But this one-star review entitled ‘My School Day Is [a] Ruined’ by A Sad Sophomore really caught my attention:

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March 22

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March 21

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March 17

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Update: The Miitomo app is now available on the U.S. App Store.

Thanks to my Japanese App Store account, this morning I was able to go hands-on with Nintendo’s first real venture into the App Store. The game, Miitomo, doesn’t feature a household name like Mario, Donkey Kong, or even Kirby, but the release feels very much like a Nintendo title.

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March 16

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Security-minded individuals looking to simplify their two-factor authentication logins may want to take a look at LastPass’s new app today, LastPass Authenticator. The iOS App Store currently has a few different apps that can already handle two-factor authentication logins, like Google Authenticator and 1Password. Most of them come with the minor annoyance that once the app is launched, a user has to find the site’s login, and then type the OTP into the site before it expires. LastPass Authenticator looks to improve that experience by allowing users to quickly approve the new login requests directly from their devices.

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March 15

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In part I of our Hackintosh tutorial, we discussed our choice of hardware and the reasons behind those decisions. The main goal was to create a machine that had enough power to meet the Oculus Rift hardware requirements.

In this follow-up tutorial, we’ll show you the entire software install process needed for completing the build. Watch our 18+ minute step-by-step tutorial and witness this Hackintosh come to life. expand full story

March 14

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AirParrot 2, the popular Mac utility that lets you wirelessly broadcast content from your desktop, now has an iOS companion. The app, appropriately entitled AirParrot Remote, lets users control nearly every facet of AirParrot 2 from any iOS device sharing the same Wi-Fi network.

If you’re familiar with the look of AirParrot 2 on Mac, then you’ll feel right at home with AirParrot Remote, as they look strikingly similar. Watch our video demonstration for a look at some of the things that AirParrot Remote can do. expand full story

March 12

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Back at the beginning of March, Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey made controversial statements about Apple’s hardware, specifically the inability of any Mac in Apple’s entire lineup of computers to handle the graphics needs of the upcoming Oculus Rift. At one point in time, Oculus had support for OS X in the pipeline; in fact previous Rift dev kits supported Macs. As time went on, however, it was decided that the Oculus Rift would be Windows-only, at least initially.

It’s with Luckey’s comments, and the lack of initial OS X support in mind, that I’ve decided to put together a Hackintosh machine that meets the minimum requirements outlined by Oculus, yet can still run OS X. In theory, this machine could support the Oculus Rift if the necessary software was made available for OS X. It can run the Rift now if you install a Windows partition on it… expand full story


March 9

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Remember six months ago when Snapchat introduced its crazy selfie lens feature that sort of went viral? Facebook wants in on the “how’d you do that” action too so it bought the recently launched app Masquerade (stylized as MSQRD) to instantly have access to its own selfie filter features. Masquerade, which only launched on iOS in December, works similarly to Snapchat’s filter feature seen above by using facial recognition over video to transform faces with comical filter effects.

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March 8

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Users of third-party Snapchat apps may want to delete them and change their passwords on the social media platform as soon as possible. New discoveries revealed today point to the fact that multiple third-party Snapchat apps are sending copies of user credentials over non-secure connections to their own servers. expand full story


March 7

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Update: As we expected, FlexBright has been removed from the App Store this morning. That didn’t take long at all.

Despite earlier actions against similar apps, Apple has recently approved an app called FlexBright that adjusts the brightness and color temperature of your iPhone or iPad’s display depending on the time of day. While Apple introduced a feature like this with iOS 9.3, the company has previously refused to allow the popular Flux app in the App Store, which provides similar functionality.

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Pulse of Earth – the application about earthquakes. With elegant design and a very intuitive interface. You can see in real-time all the seismic activity of the our Planet. Or choose !!any!! day in history. Just set a date – and all earthquake by this day at once will be shown on your screen.

The application has NO ADS, and no any paid subscriptions. That already a rarity these days, yes? The all features in application – !!free!! and ready to use in full power. If you want to help the project – pay the minimum amount for any additional set of pins.

Information on map without any lists or obscure data. It’s simple, very clear and understandable. Where, when and how strong.

Link to the App Strore:

Also I make page in Facebook with video & photo of this app:

Best Regards, Dmitry

Pulse of Earth Pulse of Earth Pulse of Earth Pulse of Earth


Since watchOS 2.0’s announcement I’ve known that I would want to use the Photo Album watch face. The ability to have my favorite photos display every time I looked at my Apple Watch’s display made me think the device was about to get more personal. Facer’s launch today takes that personality one step further.

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March 2

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Apple’s Cards app introduced in 2011 and discontinued two years later remains one of my favorite iPhone apps to date. The service was fantastic: snap photos on your iPhone, then turn them into personalized letterpress cards sent through the mail to friends and family. Stamp and envelope included, you’d pay $2.99 for anywhere in the US or $4.99 for anywhere around the world. You can still send personalized letterpress cards using Photos on the Mac, but the service was perfect for me as an iPhone app.

I’ve tried a handful of similar iPhone apps since Cards shut down with Postly being the latest and perhaps most modern. Available for iPhone and iPad, Postly lets you create personalized postcards from your iPhone that deliver worldwide for $1.99.

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