November 3

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Tapbots is out with Tweetbot 4.1 for iOS, bringing Tweetbot to the Apple Watch for the first time. The update follows the massive Tweetbot 4.0 launch at the start of October which included a redesigned iPad version plus iOS 9-specific features and more.  The new Tweetbot 4.1’s Apple Watch app is made for watchOS 2 and lets users compose new tweets, view recent activity, respond to mentions, and view profiles. Tweetbot for Apple Watch also enhances the way notifications look with a richer, custom appearance. expand full story

November 2

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Apple gave up on optical drives several years ago. Citing Blu-ray Disc licensing issues and the growing popularity of Internet streaming, the company was able to leave CD, DVD and Blu-ray drives out of new Macs without suffering any drop in sales. Today, except for a single MacBook Pro model that hasn’t been updated since 2012, Macs are physically too thin to accommodate optical drives, and that’s not going to change any time soon.

But optical disc technology has soldiered on, adding new features to hook serious video and photo fans. “BDXL” Blu-ray Discs can now store up to 128GB of data, and Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs can hold full-length movies for 4K Ultra HDTVs. Separately, Millenniata debuted M-DISC, an archival disc technology that lets anyone burn DVDs or Blu-ray Discs guaranteed to last “centuries.” While M-DISCs must be written using new burners, they can be read by traditional DVD and Blu-ray players, ensuring broad compatibility.

OWC’s new Mercury Pro ($78/$135) external drives are designed to help Mac owners burn M-DISCs. The basic $78 model burns less expensive, lower-capacity M-DISC DVDs, while the superior $135 version can also burn higher-capacity M-DISC Blu-rays, as well as burning and playing regular Blu-ray Discs. Each version of Mercury Pro comes bundled with a heavy-duty Mac-matching external enclosure, cables, and software, while the Blu-ray model also includes two blank BD-R discs to get you started…

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October 30

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After years of waiting, the Apple TV finally has its own App Store, and it’s already populated with a surprisingly large number of worthwhile apps and games. We’ve been testing them and looking to see what’s hot and not for day one Apple TV buyers, including some titles compatible with third-party Apple-authorized game controllers.

Here are 10 of our top early picks, plus some honorable mentions that you may want to grab anyway despite some early issues. There are even several games that support 3DTVs (which are now heavily discounted), a little-known feature of the new Apple TV…

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October 29

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Adobe today has rolled out updates to a pair of its iOS apps, adding support for features introduced in the latest version of Apple’s operating system. Adobe Photoshop Fix and Adobe Photoshop Mix have both been updated this evening, the former being bumped to version 1.1 and the latter to version 2.1.

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Apple TV is almost here, and the time to find out what’s its full potential has arrived.

Video Explorer

Video Explorer, for Apple TV

I have the pleasure to present you Video Explorer, the ultimate light player for Apple TV, which has just been approved for the App Store, and will be ready since day 1.

It’s simple, but very useful: it will automatically detect any media server on your LAN (Including PLEX servers, NAS, and Shared files from your computer) and will let you play any kind of video file you have inside them: AVI, MP4, MOV, MPG, MKV… Almost every video format.

It will be free for a limited time, so get ready to enjoy it!

More information:

App Store link:


October 27

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For the moment, the new Apple TV’s accessory compatibility can fairly be described as “confusing.” It’s confirmed that Bluetooth speakers and headphones — previously unsupported by older Apple TVs — work with the new model. On the other hand, Bluetooth keyboards, which previously worked with Apple TVs, do not. And Bluetooth game controllers… well, if they were Made For iPhone (or iPad), they work with the new Apple TV. But contrary to some erroneous early reports, if they were made for other devices (say, the PlayStation 4), they don’t.

So even though SteelSeries’ Nimbus ($50) has been pitched as the first “gamepad controller for Apple TV,” it’s kinda not. The company’s earlier Stratus (now only $40 refurbished) works with the Apple TV, as do Mad Catz’ nicer C.T.R.L.i and Micro C.T.R.L.i controllers. However, Nimbus is launching with newer technology at a not-insane price point. It has a Lightning connector built in for recharging an integrated 40-hour battery, a Bluetooth 4.1 wireless chip, and a design that was apparently — despite obvious similarities to many other controllers — co-developed by Apple itself. It also is the first accessory to ship with Apple’s new “Made for Apple TV” logo on the box. Here are some early thoughts on the Nimbus based on my hands-on experiences…

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Pandora co-creator Tom Conrad discovered that Siri won’t open the pod door answer questions about the music charts if you don’t subscribe to Apple Music. When Conrad asked Siri for the most popular song in the US today, she remained tight-lipped.

Sorry, Tom, I can’t look up the music charts for you. You don’t seem to be subscribed to Apple Music …

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October 23

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October 22

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October 21

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Writing in his column in The Verge, Walt Mossberg – who says he spent “scores of hours” in conversation with Steve Jobs across 14 years – says that the man depicted in the Sorkin/Boyle movie is not the Steve Jobs he knew.

Steve Jobs wasn’t perfect. He was difficult. He was unnecessarily rude and brusque at times. He lied. But he also mellowed and grew as a person, and that mellowing coincided with the best part of his career. Mr. Sorkin opts to hide all of that from his audience. The best of the real Steve Jobs begins to unfold just as Steve Jobs ends.

A lengthy piece in Hollywood Reporter earlier this month – leaning heavily on emails leaked from the Sony hack – provides a lot of insight into what was going on behind the scenes in the run up to the making of the movie. This included the fact that Amy Pascal, co-chairman of Sony Pictures, knew from the start that the project was going to be challenging …  expand full story

October 15

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October 14

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You can host the hottest party in town with Light DJ and your LIFX or Philips Hue smart bulbs!
Light DJ is a Light Show Creator that works with your home smart bulbs and is the only light show app that puts you in charge of the action. Designed by-and-for electronic music lovers, Light DJ will keep track of the beat for you while you select the colors and effects to make your own custom light show.
This release features the Matrix Controller, an all-new interactive Light Show Generator. The 3D Touch-enabled palette is designed for making super-fast on-the-fly color changes. The controller takes your selected colors and mixes them into one of 6 EDM-inspired light rhythms. Each rhythm has been fine-tuned so the lights will perfectly match any style of music. I hope you love playing with it as much as I do!
Light DJ reinvents the music listening experience. When music and lights combine, good times happen. When you control the lights… you’ll feel like you’re on the main stage!
Light DJ is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The app is free-to-download, with controller upgrades ranging from $0.99 to $9.99 for the multi-zone Pro Controller for iPad.
-Kevin Kolasinski, Founder & CEO, Mango Bee
Product Name: Light DJ – Light Show Creator for LIFX & Philips Hue

October 12

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To help with the international refugee crisis happening right now, Apple and the band Imagine Dragons have collaborated on an exclusive charity single, called “I Was Me” ($1.29). All proceeds of the song sales go to the UN Refugee Agency to support relief efforts. In addition, SAP will be donating an additional 10 cents per download for the first 5 million iTunes downloads. The Imagine Dragons track is exclusive to iTunes and available worldwide.

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Are you a fan of space adventures? Want to see deep space on your iPhone? Would you like to have the latest image of Pluto as wallpaper? Space PoD is for you.

– With a modern and gorgeous user interface Space PoD allows you to view images that NASA public every day.

– Read the story of the photo, save to your camera roll or share with friends.

– Enables the motion sensor from settings and looks images from a different perspective

– And with push notifications you will be updated when a new image becomes available.

Space PoD is available on the App Storeexpand full story


SleepIsle is the first native Apple Watch, watchOS2 app to ‘logically’ put watchOS 2’s native technology to work while you sleep. While you sleep, SleepIsle does it chores of giving you the best sleep by playing dreamy melodies to help you fall asleep and does help you wake up slowly  in the specified 30 minute window.. Moreover, it tracks your heart beat throughout the night which can be viewed graphically in the health app. expand full story

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